LATM Announcement

22 Apr

Hey everyone!

Just making a quick announcement that LATM won’t be updated for quite while, since I have been investing a bit more time with IAATM, and I think I’ll be able to return to publishing LATM chapters later this month.

Here’s hoping!

Until Next Time Everyone!


LATM – Ch.8: Growth and Family

18 Mar

“Hi Mommy!” Surf said as I walked over to pick him up off the floor. I scooped him up in my arms, then going into the living room to place him infront of the toy chest. Patting his wild blond hair and kissing his forehead before going into the boys room to check on Cobalt and Pyro.

It was a strange cycle, infact, somewhat of a cycle within a cycle. Or cycles inside cycles. In other words, it was hectic and made our heads hurt. The boys’ sleep schedules differed by a few hours, causing havoc around the house. Cobalt was asleep all day, and woke up in the middle of the night. Surf had a normal sleep schedule, asleep all night and awake in the morning. Whereas Pyro slept all morning and woke up late in the afternoon.
So when one of them was asleep, the other two were wide awake and making a ruckus. Though we can’t stay mad at them for long, just one mention of the words “Mommy & Daddy” make it worth the trouble that comes with boy triplets.

Teaching them how to talk, walk, and go to the bathroom alone was no easy task. Especially with Pyro, who always began to pout whenever we tried to teach him to talk. Cobalt managed to walk and go to the bathroom all on his own in a matter of weeks. Surf could recite most of the alphabet and walk by that time. Whereas Pyro was still crawling and babbling, at least he was potty trained!

With such a full house, we were used to running back and forth. At times Me & Oak would collapse onto our bed in exhaustion and just fall asleep without changing our clothes for bed. We were thankful towards Ember who would help take care of the boys while we tried to relax for even a few hours. She’d give them their bottles when they got hungry and play peek-a-boo with them when they got bored.

Cobalt took the longest to teach how to talk, he would just sit there and stare into space, as if he was contemplating something. Whenever I attempted to teach him, he’d spend the entire time staring into space, whereas with Oak, he’d at least mutter a few words. Cobalt was definitely the strong silent type, little with his words, though very brave, not once do we recall hearing him cry, not even in childbirth. He was certainly a strong child!

Surf was the more easy going of his siblings, he’d almost always wear a smile on his face, and he seemed to have a young sense of humor. Sometimes laughing at his own jokes, leading us to laugh along with him. It was an odd yet refreshing feeling he brought with him into a room. Surf got along with everyone, from his aunts & uncles, to his grandparents. It was hard not to like him!

Pyro enjoyed playing with the toys, and after we managed to teach him to talk, he couldn’t stop talking. Ember took it upon herself to chat with him whenever he started, even sharing her dolls with him if necessary. It was adorable at first, until he started saying the oddest phrases while playing with them. When I asked Ember about this, she said she’d play out her favorite TV shows sometimes with the dolls, including Pyro in this as well. Which explained why so much drama occurred around that dollhouse. Those two soon became inseparable, like two peas in a pod!

Despite the messes and the constant moving back and forth around the house. We were happy, and we truly believed we had the perfect family.

And as the years passed, they grew up. Full of youth, and with their lives ahead of them.

We couldn’t ask for anymore than that.

8 Mar

The 2nd Gen. Heir/Heiress vote has concluded!

The new heir is none other than..

Surf Torrent!

Thank you all who voted!
Surf Torrent is now LATM’s 2nd Gen. Heir.

Stay tuned for Surf’s life!

Life’s A Tasty Medley – 2nd Generation Heir/Heiress Vote

6 Mar

Welcome everyone, to the first Life’s A Tasty Medley heir/heiress vote! First off I’d like to thank the readers, and of course the friends who helped inspire LATM.

Of course the vote is on the forums as well, though they have a bad habit of messing up posts at times. So for your convenience, it’s been posted here as well!

This generation will be filled with a good amount of drama, the plot thickens with their years.

So the question is, who will you vote for?

Ember Torrent





Ember is the oldest of her siblings, and also the only daughter of Oak & Heavenly Torrent. Ember is graceful and enjoys the creative parts of life, such as painting, and drawing, but what really catches her eye, is the fashion world. Ember will embark on the high road of fashion, encountering trials that will test how much she wants her job and how much she doesn’t want it. The road to success in fashion is a long one, will she make it? Vote Ember to find out..

Cobalt Torrent





Cobalt is the second born, and oldest of the triplets, thus being the first-born son of Oak & Heavenly Torrent. Cobalt is a loner by heart, and prefers solitude over a crowd of people. He’s got a sense of adventure and is the bravest among his siblings, though even he knows his limits. Cobalt will become tired with living in one area, and seek to explore the world, constantly going forward, the thrill of adventure calling to him. Though adventures alone can be dangerous, how will he fare? Vote Cobalt to find out..

Surf Torrent





Surf is the third-born and second son of Oak & Heavenly Torrent. Surf is active like the rest of his siblings, though his calling is towards the ocean. Surf loves being outside all day, and would if he didn’t sleep in so often. Surf’s easy to get along with and has a habit of cracking jokes every now and then. Surf will be an avid surfer as his name suggests, up until the point where the world of the drink draws him in. Being a party animal, Surf will dedicate himself to being able to throw the best parties with the best drinks. Though the party life can get rather tedious, will he get past it? Vote Surf to find out..

Pyro Torrent





Pyro is the fourth-born and last born son of Oak & Heavenly Torrent. Pyro chooses to invest his time in the nicer looking side of life, that is, himself. Pyro is a snob at heart, yet he has somewhat good intentions at times, though even he can’t resist playing infront of the mirror. All the time he spent playing with Ember made him realize that he too wants to become a part of the fashion world. Pyro will be brash and impulsive at times, all to get better and better in the world of fashion. Reminding himself that it’ll all be worth it. It’s a slippery slope to be rode upon, will he arrive at the top? Vote Pyro to find out..

Now you’ve seen the candidates, so who will you vote for?
Keep in mind, you’re allowed to vote on looks or personality, though it’d be much preferred if you voted based upon personality.

The heir/heiress vote begins now!
You have 3 days to vote..

LATM – Oakly: Ch.7 Bundles of Joy

5 Mar

Several weeks have passed since I found out I was pregnant once more, and it felt just as exciting as the last time.

Oak of course took the news very well, this time we were hoping for a son, though we’d still be happy either way. Of course Ember got excited about her future sibling, and each time she’d ask how her new sibling was doing in my tummy, it was incredibly adorable.

After months of trial and error, we’d finally been able to teach Ember how to speak properly, and yet she still refuses to use the toddler-eating utensils we got for her, and instead uses her hands as to scoop up her food. Each time she does this, we give her a bath and get her changed into new clothes, one would think we should’ve invested in our own washer and dryer at this point.

The next several months flew by so quickly, each month my bump would get bigger and bigger, soon enough we would be welcoming our child into this world. Me & Oak decided to keep the baby’s gender a surprise until they arrived. It was a month before my due date when we started to get everything in order for the baby, their room, crib, and new wallpaper too. Of course Oak would check up on our unborn child every now and then, making silly sounds or talking to the baby so that when the time came, they would recognize our voices.

Even Ember attempted to talk with her sibling, making sure to go over the rules of the house with them. Sometimes she’d give me her food saying that it was for her future baby brother so that he’d have something yummy to eat. At this we’d all laugh and hand her back her food saying that the baby said thank you, but it would be better if she ate it so that she could grow big and strong.

It was the week of my due date and everything was calm around the house, Oak was reading Ember a story about the lives of the Ink family who were known for their amazing tales of love and wonder, Ember would let out an “Aw!” everytime there was a kissing moment in the story. I was curled up in the couch overhearing the story when I felt something painful.

The contractions started, and I wailed in pain as I realized I’d gone into labor! Oak jumped to his feet and began to panic until I told him that we needed to get to the hospital right now. After calling a babysitter for Ember, we drove over to the hospital where I once again went through the process of delivering a baby.
I fell asleep from exhaustion after delivery, the whole process was blurry in her memory, and when I came to, Oak was there smiling. I asked him where our child was, and what happened after I fell asleep. He reached for my hand and let me know that I didn’t give birth to one son, I’d given birth to three! I nearly fainted upon hearing that! He then told me that our sons were fine and walked over to move the curtains, revealing each of our three boys. I started to cry tears of joy upon seeing them, Oak went over to me, and said that we still had to name each of our sons.
I named our first-born, Cobalt, despite his red skintone, I just knew it was the name for him. Oak named our second-born, Surf, because of his blue skintone and the wisps of blond hair on his head. As for our third-born, me & Oak decided to combine two names, creating the name, Pyro. After a few more days in the hospital, we were finally able to bring them home.

“You’re amazing you know.” Oak said as we finally put the last of the triplets to bed. “It’s been mentioned before.” I said amusingly, after so many months of waiting, here they were, our three wonderful sons. As we started to leave, Cobalt began to stir, so I walked over to his crib, scooping him up in my arms and cuddling him.

I then began to slowly lift him in the air, and Cobalt seemed to show a smile as I lifted him higher and higher. I’d always been told that the men in our family were born brave and were never afraid. So far this seems to be true, and Oak chuckled as he placed his hand on my shoulders, “I think we’re suppose to get him back to sleep, not keep him up all night.” I laughed softly in reply and began to rock Cobalt in my arms until his eyes closed once more, then placing him in his crib. We whispered goodnight before closing the door slowly behind us.

“Mmff.. they’re awake..” I mumbled as I woke up from the noise of the triplet’s crying. “Mmf.. alright..” Oak replied groggily, slowly we got up and made our way to the triplet’s room. We rocked Pyro to sleep, whereas Cobalt and Surf wanted to be lifted before they went to sleep. It’s only been a few months, but we’ve gotten used to this routine of the triplets waking up in the middle of the night. At first we thought it all of them crying, though after the first week, we noticed that it was Pyro and sometimes Surf who’d start crying, while Cobalt stayed in his crib awake. Annoyed at his brothers for their constant crying.

As time passed, Ember’s fifth birthday finally arrived, and as she happily blew her candles, she moved up and down in Oak’s arms before saying that she was now too old for Daddy to be carrying her. We all laughed as I presented to her a new dress to wear for her first day of school later this year, along with new slippers. Oak gave her an easel as a gift, since she’d been begging for more things to draw with, so instead of crayons, she got an easel!

Ember came back from her room, which had been added a few weeks ago, wearing her new dress, and she looked so pretty in it! After cake, we went to help her set up the easel in her room, afterwards she put up her first canvas, squirted some paint in her palette, and began on her first painting, all the while we were filming the entire process. Eventually Ember politely requested that we’d leave her alone to paint, since she need peace and quiet to focus on it. We let her be and went upstairs to clean up.

Soon enough it was time for school to start, and we watched as Ember got up from the table one morning and ran over to the schoolbus, yelling back “Bye! I love you!”. I know it sounds cheesy, but our children were growing up so fast! Fortunately we still had our three boys, who would stay innocent like this for another few years, until they too, would start walking and talking, and then going to school.. then growing up some more.. then dating, then graduation, then getting married and having kids, making us grandparents and- well, that won’t be for quite some time. Until then, they are our little boys.

Cobalt, with my red skintone, blonde hair, and my eyes. Who never cried, and remained calm when his brothers did, yet always wanting to move around outside his crib.

Surf, with Oak’s blue skintone, my blonde hair, and also having my eyes. Who’s almost always happy and ready to play with his brothers or the toys around the house.

Pyro, with Oak’s blue skintone and blue hair, also with my eyes. Who’s the first to cry, but calms down as soon as he’s snuggled.

Ember who reminded me of myself as a child, with light-blue skin of course! She was kind to others and had such a knack for painting.

We had such amazing children, and I can only imagine the things that they will do as they get older. I just hope that someday they find someone to love, just like I love Oak, and our own parents love each other, and so on. Love is what fuels this family after all!