LATM Surf: Ch.4 Part 1 – Just A Speed Bump

9 Aug


“Surf, when are you going to wake up?”
“Mm.. like at nine..?”

“It’s already one o’ clock..”

Lav rolled her eyes at me before storming out of the room. I could tell from the look she gave me just a minute before that she needed a ride somewhere. I don’t think I was in the best position to be driving though. The previous night I’d been hanging with Wave, drinking, talking, and eventually stumbling back home.

To make matters even more complex, I couldn’t exactly give Lav a ride even if I didn’t have a hangover because my recollection of where I’d parked the car last night was fuzzy.

I’m sure I’ll remember.. possibly.


“Balt. can I ask a favor of you?”
“You’re talking already. Shoot.”

“Well, I needed a ride from Surf to the cemetery, but he’s..”
“Hungover? Also.. why would you need a ride to the graveyard?”

“Yes and because I’m going there to take pictures.”


“Can you at least tell me ‘no’ if you don’t want to?”
“No no, I was just focused on this.. yeah, sure, I’ll take you.”

“Oh, thanks..”


“So how come I have to stay here with you..”
“Because you’re my ride, and I won’t be taking that long.”


“So how are things with you and Iliad?”


“Amazing. Why?”
“That doesn’t sound too sincere of an answer..”

“..So how is my brother treating you then?”

“Odd. It wasn’t an assuring answer.”
“..It’s fine. Sure there’s been a few drinks involved, and a bit of yelling, but.. it’s fine..”

“I understand. You’re concerned over him..”


“Yeah.. him..”

“Can you stand over there for me?”


“Why do you want me to pose like this..”
“I didn’t, but then that butterfly landed on your shou- oh, it flew off.. well it was a promising one. Still, I just wanted some added color in this last photo.”

“You sure you didn’t just want to put yourself in it? You seem to have enough color and luminosity in you to brighten a house.”
“Gee, thanks?..”

“..You’re welcome..”


“Huh- Oh yeah, it’s been taken. You can.. lower your arm now if you want.”

“Yeah, ready to go home to a passed out Surf?”


“He’s just tired right now..”
“He’s always tired, huh? Couldn’t be from work, could it.”


“Lav, you know you’re not helping him by allowing him to lose himself in drinking each night. So why do you watch him destroy himself?”
“..Balt, take me home now.”

“Not until you admit that you’re unhappy with my brother..”


“I’m perfectly happy with him! I should question whether you’re happy with Iliad! She drives you crazy, doesn’t she?”
“..Iliad is just.. Iliad.”

“Hah, see? You’re not happy with Iliad either!”
“..I am..”

“Then marry her why don’t you?”
“Alright, then I will.”

“Argh.. you’re impossible..”


“Don’t mind my asking, though what does it matter to you if Iliad makes me happy?”
“I could ask the same thing, only with Surf instead.”


“I ask because Surf’s my brother, that’s all.”
“Well don’t. I’m fine, and that’s that.”

“Take me home now Balt.”


Hmm.. another drink for the afternoon. Why? Because I deserve it for.. some reason I’m not aware of.


Besides, Lav isn’t around, so this is a golden window of time to- “Surf!” Lav burst open the glass doors that lead to the porch. I groaned. So close. I didn’t even get to taste it.


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